Obtained Certificates

Prefabricados Lopez got the quality certificate ISO 9001 due to the good work and quality of its processes.

In 2012, our beach walkway got the Accessible Product Certificate, accredited by FUNDOSA ACCESIBILIDAD (O.N.C.E group). It was subjected to an exhaustive testing process of thermal transmission, colorimetry and adaptability in Grupo Fundosa Accesibilidad labs.

Accessible product certification seal: articulated concrete plate Free Way, wood imitation and its anchorage system.


Ficha Técnica de Carga Pasarela


Ensayo: Deslizamiento pasarela de playa

Ensayo: Deslizamiento plato de ducha

Ficha Técnica de Carga Plataforma de Ducha

Ficha Técnica Lastre de Hormigón

Ensayo resistencia al deslizamiento borde de piscina granallado Blanco y Crema

Planimetría pasarela

Ensayo de resistencia a la flexión

Ensayo de resistencia a la compresión