Sustainability of materials and products

Prefabricados López decides in 2008 to take advantage of natural resources with the installation of 4 photovoltaic plants that add up 350kwp, that avoid throwing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Being a sustainable company has always been one of the big concerns of Prefabricados López. The company has made some investments in renewable energies, because for us,  the concern for the environment is shown with investments that decrease the impact of our activity and generate energies superior to those we consume.

We have an installation of photovoltaic  energy, that makes us part of the solution of the environmental problems. 178’53 kWp are installed at the moment and they produce 321354 kwh annual, that avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 99.942 kg of CO2, responsible for climate change. Also we reduce the emissions of NOx SO2, that cause acid rain.

While others only think, we act to preserve the environment.

For Prefabricados López present is what future is for others.