Investigation and development

The R&D department works constantly to improve our products and classificate the raw materials used in our processes, what results in great advances.

Evidence of this is our new range of exterior and pool pieces without armor, that is launched after several years of research and lab tests. Edges with dimensions of 100 x 50, 50 x 50 y 50 x 35 cm.

Unburned pieces

Our new manufacturing process extracts, with a vacuum chambers, the small air bubbles inside the piece, that results in a high resistance and impermeability. This process minimize the water absorption and reduce the appearance of fungus and scum on the surface of the piece.

Pool edge is a piece in continous contact with the water, so the oxidation of the armor is the main cause of the breakage of the piece.


The careful selection of our raw materials along with a very meticulous manufacturing process, results in a high quality piece.


Nº Muestra Carga rotura kN Resistencia flexión MPa Resistencia media flexión, MPa Resistencia media flexión, kg/cm²
1 12185 6,97 6,72 68,50
2 11641 6,65
3 11432 6,54

Compression resistance

Nº muestra Superficie mm² Carga rotura N Resistencia compresión N/mm² Resistencia media compresión,  N/mm² Resistencia media compresión, kg/cm²
1 3088,28 177680 57,53 56,9 580,5
2 2651,75 150000 56,57
3 2613,07 148260 56,74

Slip resistance

Nº muestra Valor USRV Valor medio USRV Clasificación según tabla 1.1 Código técnico (DB-SUA)
1 75 75 CLASE 3 (Rd>45)
2 75