The company

Prefabricados López is dedicated to the activity of design and manufacturing of no estructural elements derived from cement: balustrades, chimneys, beach walkways and custom pieces. pool edges, shower plates, planter boxes, steps, benchs.

With the effort of each one of our workers amd with a desire of continuous improvement, the company policy consists of:

  • Acting to improve the quality of our products, covering the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Boosting the qualitative improvement in a continuous and sustained way, in every process and ambit.
  • Acting with the fundamental precept of respect and compliance with regulations and legal requirements that affect us.

Prefabricados López management, as Quality Politics, establishes that every member of the company must act following the quality objectives established for every moment.

Prefabricados López objectives include the commitment to comply with the requirements, achieve services adjusted to regulations and legal requirements, according to standard and contractual specifications required by the customer and accepted by the company. Our Policy will be the framework to establish and revise quality objectives.

Also, every worker has the responsabilty to maintain a permanent attitude of improving the products and the company organization. The worker is responsible for the quality of the job.

The company got, in 2012, the Vía Libre certifying seal of the product, for the Free Way articulate concrete plate, wood imitation and its anchorage system.